Squatters trash duplex near Victorian Village, leave dozens of needles

(Courtesy: Deborah Jung)

A woman who owns a duplex near Victorian Village is busy trying to make repairs after she said the duplex was trashed by squatters.

Deborah Jung lives on one side of her duplex in Harrison West and said the other side was rented out to two people, who stayed for about six months, then left.

But Jung said those two tenants had friends over as guests who refused to leave the property.

"I never rented to them. We never had a lease and I had to go evict them. There were sometimes I'd put up inspection notices, which you give them 24 hours then you can come in and they just wouldn't unlock the door. It was very difficult," said Jung.

Jung said she had to get an attorney. She said she was told she had to go through a formal eviction process because her former tenants and their friends had been under the roof for more than 72 hours. In Ohio, squatters have rights.

"Because these people had been friends of the actual tenants, police told me there was nothing that they could do," said Jung.

Jung said the squatters practically destroyed her duplex. She said they stayed inside her property for about two months.

Jung said police were called to the duplex often because of drug activity. At one point Jung said there were four overdoses inside the duplex.

After several visits to court, Jung said she was able to kick the squatters out and with her friends' help, she was able to get rid of everything that was left behind.

"My neighbor had probably 15 or 20 of her friends come over and get all the mess out," said Jung.

Neighbors created a GoFundMe campaign to help Jung.

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