Lewis Center church says trailer filled with over $100K in equipment stolen from their lot

Ethos Church said someone stole their trailer filled with more than $100,000 in audio equipment, lighting and more. (WSYX/WTTE)

Ethos Church opened just weeks ago in Lewis Center, with team space on Whitney Drive, and worship on Sunday at Olentangy Meadows Elementary School.

"Our mission is to love all people in Jesus's name," said lead pastor Jordan Smucker.

But, the team is still trying to figure out what their next service will look like.

"What do we do for this Sunday? How do we move forward?" he said.

That's because they said someone stole their trailer.

It's filled with what Smucker said is likely more than $100,000 in audio equipment, lighting and more.

"Most of our equipment was in that trailer," said Smucker.

Thanks to security video, the church team believes it happened early Wednesday morning around 4 a.m.

"How can you steal from anybody?" he said.

They shared their surveillance video with ABC6/FOX28.

"We can see the truck backing up to the trailer and clearly there was somebody who took time to cut the bolt, because we had locks on it and then they quickly sped off," he said.

They said video from other businesses shows a truck and another car circling the place.

"They were definitely scouting out," said Smucker, "you know, what they could take and if anybody was watching."

They said they called the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, and have a message for whoever is responsible.

"Really there are no hard feelings on our end, we don't feel ill towards the people who took it at all we just want our stuff back," he said.

The church isn't sure yet if insurance will cover this, but they said they will move forward and have a service Sunday.

Despite some surveillance video, they haven't been able to get a license plate, but said it appears a large, light colored truck took away the stolen trailer.

They said if you know anything about this, contact the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.


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