Logan police officers going digital to engage with community

Use of Facebook Live from their cruisers has given Logan police officers a new way to engage with the public. (WSYX/WTTE)

Breaking down barriers and getting more social in Logan. Police officers are enforcing the law and engaging people on Facebook Live.

The Logan officers have been steaming live from inside their patrol cars for about a month. The response has been positive. People are getting to know the officers, what they need to look out for and getting to know their neighbors.

It's a glimpse into a police officer's world.

Logan police officer Jason Gadrim works the night shift.

"Good morning from Henderson, North Carolina somebody from North Carolina is watching us," said Officer Gadrim.

Long after the sun goes down, Officer Gadrim launches his Facebook live stream.

"It's surprising to me that there's that many people awake they get a big kick out watching us park in front of we call them the drugs are bad properties," said Officer Gadrim.

Logan is home to roughly 8,000 people.

More than 5500 followers have joined the Policing for Our Community Facebook page since last October.

"I'd get on there and let people know when we were looking for people," said Officer Gadrim.

Officer Gadrim says people asked for a virtual ride-along.

A unique view many don't often see.

"Some people say we don't appear to be robots anymore and we're getting approached buy more and more people that normally we never had contact with," said Officer Gadrim.

Officers breaking down barriers.

"For the longest time we didn't have a good relationship with the community we reached out to them and they reached back out to us it's kind of neat," said Logan Police Lt. Tony Byram.

As they watch for those breaking the law.

"Right now we have an incident talk to you after a while," said Lt. Byram.

Officer Gadrim says now there's talk of starting a community watch in Logan and as long as the community wants they'll continue to live stream their patrols.

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