Family looking for answers after deadly July 4 crash


    A frustrated family. Living oceans away trying to get information on the death of their loved one who died in Columbus in a Fourth of July Crash.

    The accident happened during a rain storm on the fourth. The car was traveling on 270 West getting off at the Sawmill Road exit when it crashed into a steel street light pole.

    The brother of one of the victim's contacted ABC6/FOX28 because he hadn't heard from police.

    Ali Raifque says they got information about the accident from friends and from Facebook. He said they recognized their loved one's car.

    "Until now we haven't been contacted by any police officials from the USA that my brother has actually passed away in the accident, " said Rafique.

    That was around 10:30 am on Friday morning.

    He says the family was desperate to get information about the accident and desperate to get his brother, Umair Shafique's body back to Pakistan.


    "We're trying our best to get his body here as soon as possible, but we need support from police and funeral houses, " he said.

    ABC6/FOX28 contacted the coroner's office and police. Both are working with the family.

    Sergeant Brooke Wilson with the Accident Investigation Unit says they spent hours trying to directly contact next of kin.

    In fact, even before they left the accident scene on Wednesday, detectives tried to reach family but ran into difficulties.

    "We were in a unique position here. She was from India. He was from Pakistan and their trail, their records, have their emergency contact names as each other, " said Sergeant Wilson.

    Wilson says the tragedy unfortunately is a good reminder to everyone to update their emergency contact information.

    Online. the Ohio BMV lets you input at least two emergency contact names.

    Sadly, it's no comfort to Ali and his family, but what is -- is they now have more information about his death.

    "Thank you, " Rafique said. "Now we have to work to bring his body back to Pakistan."

    The family is working with the US consulate and a local funeral home to help them return Shafique's body to Pakistan.

    Shafique's passenger, Heena Phatherfod, died at the hospital. The two were business partners.

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