Man sleeps outside to encourage pet owners to bring pets inside

    Luke Westerman, a well-known animal advocate, spent Tuesday night in Goodale Park as a reminder to pet owners how tough it can be for animals outside (WSYX/WTTE)

    A Columbus man is going to extremes to encourage pet owners not to leave their animals outside during the extreme cold.

    Luke Westerman is a well-known animal advocate who spent the night in Goodale Park. Temperatures at the time were in the teens. They're going to be below zero in the coming days. He says he wants people to think about what it is like to be outside in these conditions.

    "It is inhumane," says Westerman. "It's inhumane to have your pets out here and it is the sad reality that this could be completely prevented if people would bring their pets in during the winter months."

    Westerman says that domesticated animals just are not equipped to handle frigid conditions. "The sad reality is that many dogs and cats are going to freeze to death right here in Columbus, because their owners simply won't allow them to come inside where they belong." He points out that animals can't tell their owners when they are cold, feel hypothermic, or are in pain.

    He says if it's too cold outside for you, or your children, then it's too cold outside for your pets.

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