Man who calls his new truck a lemon takes steps to file suit against Ford Motor Company

    A Licking County man says his brand new Ford truck has had leaks since he bought it, and mechanics haven't been able to repair it. (WSYX/WTTE)<p>{/p}

    A man's fight with Ford Motor Company has taken a new turn with a lawsuit that has now been filed in Licking County. The complaint filed earlier this month claims Clancy's 2017 pick up truck is a lemon with a severe and unsafe water leak.

    ABC 6 On Your Side first told you about John Clancy and his troubles with his Ford F-450 in February.

    "Makes my stomach I have so much disgust and frustration that I have nowhere for it to go," said Clancy.

    Clancy says he had to have his truck towed to the mechanic shop he owns from the dealership where he bought it.

    "There's still water in the vehicle which leaves me very frustrated," said Clancy.

    When we first met Clancy, he shared with us video he recorded the night he got his truck back from the first of three repair trips. Six months later, Clancy says the problem is still there and his frustration hasn't subsided.

    "You could turn this seal and water would trickle out," said Clancy.

    Clancy now has a team of consumer lawyers and a lawsuit in Licking county.

    "They said I could be waiting a very long time for a potential outcome; they've prepared me for up to a two year wait," said Clancy.

    The lawsuit claims Clancy's truck is a defective lemon with potentially five different sources of the leak. It states the dealership attempted at least four repairs without success.

    "You can actually see orange where it's rusting on the floor," said Clancy.

    Clancy says he bought the big truck for his other passion in trade and classic car shows. But since then he says he's had to borrow other people's trucks for that since he won't drive his.

    "I was told due to reliability issues if we stalled in an intersection or possibly had a collision that I could be held responsible."

    Clancy wants some type of reconciliation with Ford. After we first contacted the company, Clancy says Ford agreed to buy back his truck and pay a quarter of his attorney fees. But Clancy says communication with the company has stalled.

    "We have 980 miles on this vehicle," said Clancy.

    A truck Clancy says he's still paying for and insuring as it sits idle.

    "If we have to push them all the way to the end and make them accountable for the product they put out on the street then so be it if they wish to fold their cards and make a deal I'm more than willing to talk about it," said Clancy.

    Ford Motor Company sent a statement to ABC 6 On Your Side saying "Ford is committed to providing our customers with top-quality vehicles. We don't comment on pending litigation."

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