Mother of four killed in crash near south Columbus

Friends and family of Tiffany Dolby are trying to cope with her loss after she died earlier this week in a crash. (WSYX/WTTE)

Friends and family are trying to cope with the loss of a woman who died in a crash, earlier this week.

Police said Tiffany Doby veered into the northbound lanes of South High street and hit a cement truck head on, Tuesday morning.

Doby leaves behind four children who range between the ages of 10 and 15 years old.

The family is struggling financially, but they're trying to stay strong. Doby's children have been wearing the same clothes they had on since the day of the crash.

"I can't get into the car cause it's under investigation and all their clothes is in there and all the clothes they have is on their backs; any little thing will help us. Prior to looking for a home they were living in different hotels they were using my car to store their clothes and things and then I would take them more clothes to change into," said Miles Smith who is the father of Doby's four children.

Doby was supposed to move into a new home the day she crashed. Smith said he's trying to do all he can for the children, but admits it’s tough financially.

Smith credits Doby for being on top of everything when it came to the children, even when money was low.

"It’s been real hard because we had our problems and we were more into it for the kids," said Smith.

All of Doby's children played sports, they say their mom was their biggest cheerleader.

Family, friends and coaches attended a vigil to remember Doby's life, Thursday night. Doby's children were comforted and assured they would get through this difficult time.

The family is asking for help for the children as well as funeral expenses for Doby who will be buried in her hometown of Illinois.

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