Neighbors oppose increased development in Union County neighborhood

Jerome Township residents don't want a large FedEx hub in their neighborhood. (WSYX/WTTE)

Neighbors in one corner of Union County say their township is growing too quickly and they oppose plans to put build a transportation facility along Industrial Parkway.

A developer has applied for a zoning change for a property along Industrial parkway. It's already zoned for a 25-thousand square-foot facility. The developer wants to increase that to more than 500-thousand square feet. Neighbors believe Fed Ex is behind the plan, but no company is listed on the zoning application. Some studies have claimed the facility will bring 800 trucks overnight and 1600 during the day to an area already busy.

"Sometimes we cannot even make a left-hand turn here," said Inga Politino, a nearby neighbor. She's also concerned about an increase in subdivisions and housing developments in the township.

But township trustees said they are monitoring development in the area and closely following the township's master plan.

"I knew the day I moved out here that someday this was going to be a hot piece of territory," said Ron Rhodes, a township trustee and long-time resident.

Currently the project is in limbo after township zoning officials tabled the zoning change in May. The developer has not taken any action to bring the change forward again.

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