No charges for officers in Henry Green shooting

Henry Green (WSYX/WTTE)

A mother's disappointed after a grand jury does not find sufficient evidence to indict two Columbus police officers in her son's death.

Henry Green was killed last summer by two undercover officers while on patrol in south Linden.

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien can't say what testimony was heard since the grand jury meets secretly.

But, he says there was widely conflicting stories from witnesses.

O'Brien says jurors had to look at their credibility.

They found the officers actions were justified.

The decision is angering to Green's mom and protesters.

"I'm mad understandably so I'm mad," said Adrienne Hood, Henry Green's mother.

Raw emotions on the courthouse steps from Green's mother to her supporters.

No indictment for two undercover officers 9 months after they shot and killed Green.

Tears, hugs, prayers and chants illustrating disappointment and anger.

The mood intensified when a driver pulled up and screamed innocent.

Franklin county prosecutor Ron O'Brien says there were substantially conflicting stories from witnesses.

"That included things as different as whether the officers announced they were officers whether the officers badges they were wearing around their neck were observable or not who fired the first shot," said O'Brien.

FOP President Jason Pappas revealed new details about the case. He says Green had a stolen gun.

"Mr. Green fired first and as such they cleared the officers of any wrongdoing," said Pappas.

O'Brien says detectives found Green fired 6 shots, one officer fired 7 times and the other 15.

The shooting in south Linden last June 6th happened after O'Brien says the officers stated they saw Green walking down the street with a gun and at one point the gun was leveled at their undercover car.

O'Brien says the officers circled the block, called for backup, then saw Green raise his gun toward them.

"The facts are the facts the facts of this case are the officers acted appropriately they were under fire they returned fire to save themselves the lives of themselves and the lives of the public around them," said Pappas.

Green's mom says the system is broken.

"The results here today are clear and things that went on historically it's just another indication of why today is not a surprise to me," said Hood.

The People's Justice Project vows to continue to seek answers.

"It was viewed to be procedure to jump out of a car on someone jump out of an unmarked car plain clothes officers and approach a citizen so that's very alarming to me," said Tammy Fournier-Alsaada, with the People's Justice Project.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther has called for the grand jury proceedings to be unsealed and the police investigation made public.

O'Brien says the grand jury will next hear the officer-involved shooting of 13 year old Tyree King in possibly 4 to 5 weeks.

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