Officials: Three arrested after fight at Central Crossing High School

(Courtesy: Ashton Wilk)

A spokesperson for the South-Western City School District said three female students were arrested Tuesday following a fight during lunch period at Central Crossing High School.

Students said six females were involved in the fight, but not certain what started it.

Grove City Police were called to assist a school resource officer. School officials said that's standard protocol. Jackson Township medics were also at the scene, but school officials said no one was hurt.

The school was placed on "stay-put" status for more than an hour. That meant that while school officials didn't feel that other students and staff were in immediate danger, they remained in their classrooms as a precaution.

Senior Ashton Wilk was eating lunch with her friends in the cafeteria when the fight started. She hit record on her cell phone as students threw punches.

"I guess they were just arguing about something, and they started jumping over the tables and started hitting each other, and just went crazy" Wilk said.

School officials said besides the police investigation, the students involved face disciplinary action from the district.

Grove City Police spokespersons said more details about the case would be released Wednesday.

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