Ohio family stuck in Kalamazoo after their car was totaled at Walmart

Ohio family stuck in Kalamazoo after their car was totaled at Walmart.

A Walmart employee remains in the hospital Tuesday following an accident at the Gull Road location in Kalamazoo that also totaled an Ohio family’s car.

Will Vickery is the owner of the 2001 Buick that crashed into the front of the store’s garage Monday evening.

“I just heard a loud boom,” he said

He rushed into the garage from the Walmart waiting area and saw an employee pinned underneath his car. While he did not see the crash, Vickery believes a Walmart service technician was getting the car onto a lift and accidently hit the gas instead of the brake and ran over a fellow employee.

Walmart Corporate Communications sent Newschannel 3 the following statement:

The Comstock Fire Department confirms a man was taken to the hospital from the Gull Rd. Walmart with injuries.

“It looked like it had rolled over his chest,” Vickery said.

Hopeful the man will recover; Vickery and his girlfriend are eager to get home to central Ohio before missing too much work.

The couple and their two kids planned to drive back to Ohio on Tuesday, but are still stuck at a Kalamazoo hotel.

“I have two kids we are not able to go anywhere. We are stranded here and our funds are running low, so we are up the creek without a paddle,” Vickery said.

The carjack used to get the man out from under the car damaged radiator, Vickery said, the car is totaled. The two front airbags also deployed when the car crashed into the store’s garage door.

“First thing they said to me is ‘We'll make this right,’” Vickery said.

He, his girlfriend and their two kids are still waiting for a way to get home.

Walmart offered to cover hotel and rental car expenses, Vickery said, but he has to pay for everything upfront.

The family also doesn’t have a credit card and cannot rent a car, Vickery said.

“So far, they're not doing anything except they are going to make it right but they fail to do anything about it,” Jessica Grogg, Vickery’s girlfriend, said.

Vickery brought the car into Walmart to get two new tires, that’s all he needed to make the 300-mile trip home. Now, the Ohio family doesn’t have a car or a way to get home, Vickery said.

He is still unsure when or how Walmart will act on the incident.

Running out of time and low on money, Grogg said, “I just want them to make it right I mean it's not our fault that we are stranded here but yet we have to pay for everything and we are running out of money to pay,”

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