Ohio Prairie Navy trained and prepared for call to duty

    Six hundred Naval reservists trained and ready for the call to support missions all over the world. (WSYX/WTTE)<p>{/p}

    It may not look like you’d expect.

    “A lot of people don’t even know that there is a Navy here,” said CDR James Prouty, leader of the Naval Operation Support Center (NOSC) at Rickenbacker.

    In Columbus, they’re referred to as the Prairie Navy. Six hundred Naval reservists trained and ready for the call, despite the fact that we’re nowhere near the ocean.

    “You don’t have a lot of water, but you do have a lot of highly educated people,” said CDR Prouty.

    Just one reason why Ohio makes sense for Naval forces.

    “The Navy would be silly if they only reached out to those communities that are coastal to try to find that expertise,” said CDR Prouty.

    At Rickenbacker, reservists prepare themselves mentally and physically to mobilize all over the world. They also strike a delicate balance here at home.

    “As a reservist, you have to balance a military life, a personal life and your civilian job,” said CDR Prouty.

    But Prouty says – make no mistake – this “Prairie Navy” is an important part of the global military mission.

    “These are the sons and daughters of Ohio,” said CDR Prouty. “The NOSC at Columbus, Ohio really is making a difference.”


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