Ohio Republican Party announces endorsement for Mike DeWine

FILE - Republican governor candidate Mike Dewine (right) and his running mate Jon Husted. (WSYX/WTTE)

The Ohio Republican Party announced an endorsement for Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine in the 2018 election.

In a release, the Ohio Republican Party said the committee overwhelmingly to endorse DeWine.

“My campaign is about building a better future for Ohio by fighting the status quo and working to solve Ohio’s biggest issues,” said DeWine. “As governor, I will bring new, high-paying jobs and economic opportunity to all of Ohio, fight for real-world education reform, and bring an end to the opioid crisis that is killing thousands of Ohioans and holding back our economy.”

Party Chairman Jane Timken said Ohio's future looks bright with DeWine.

"Mike DeWine is the right person to lead Ohio boldly into tomorrow.," said Timken. "The Ohio Republican Party is proud to support Mike DeWine, and we look forward to his victory in November."

Current Lt. Governor Mary Taylor responded to the news with a live Periscope video on her Twitter profile.

Taylor's video took aim at the Ohio Republican Party and its endorsement of "status quo career politicians."

Here is Taylor's full statement:

President Reagan famously said, ‘This is a time for choosing.’ The Ohio Republican Party has made their choice. Without a single debate they chose the old guard, career politician over the true conservative in this race. This endorsement, which is the result of the kind of backroom dealing voters despise, is yet another effort by the Establishment to coronate Mike DeWine. But taking on the Establishment is what I do. The people’s endorsement is what I’m seeking, and that will come on May 8th. Let’s let the voters decide.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to provide updates on the 2018 Ohio governor election.

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