Baby hospitalized after being attacked by dog in Knox County

A 10-month-old was hospitalized after being attacked by a dog in Knox County (WSYX/WTTE)

Neighbors of a Mount Vernon infant who was mauled by a dog said they worried something like this might happen. The child, a 10 month-old girl, was mauled this morning on Jackson St and flown to Nationwide Children's Hospital. Police said the child's injuries were not life-threatening.

The child reportedly had to have CPR administered before being transported to the Columbus hospital by helicopter.

Neighbors said the family had recently gotten a pit bull dog. Police however would not confirm the dog's breed.

One neighbor, Julie Gough, said she worried about the dog after describing it as "hyper."

"When I went in the house, it just kind of jumps all over you," she said. "I came home and told my mom, I'm worried about the baby because it was jumping all over the baby."

Family members say the dog had no history of that.

The dog was secured and taken to Knox County Animal Control. The fate of the dog is not clear at this point. Police said they continue to investigate and that it is too early to determine if anyone will be charged.

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