Police identify men killed on I-670 Wednesday night

Two men were hit and killed on I-670 eastbound Wednesday night. (WSYX/WTTE)

Police released more about a late night car crash that killed two pedestrians Wednesday.

Columbus police said the incident went from a broken down car, to a fender bender, to a deadly accident.

The collision happened on I-670 east at Neil Avenue.

Columbus police said a friend was helping his other friend tow his disabled car when both of them were hit and killed by a car.

Around 10:30 Wednesday night, Columbus police said 47-year-old Benny Myers ran out of gas. He then called his friend, Charles Williams for help.

Williams starts towing Myers car with his vehicle when a car rear ends them.

Detectives said instead of them staying in the carto wait for police, they got out to confront the fender bender driver.

Police said a fourth car then came along, hitting and killing Myers and Williams.

Following the incident, police say even if the accident is small, stay in your car, it could save your life.

"When you get the high speeds mixed in with pedestrians on the roadway that’s just a recipe for disaster," said Sgt. Worthington with Columbus Police. "So we urge the public to do: if you’re in an accident on the freeway system stay in your car, get off to the side of the car as much as possible but just stay there and wait for emergency crews to show up.”

Their deaths were the 23rd and 24th fatalites in columbus this year involving car crashes.

No charges have been filed against the the driver who hit and killed the two pedestrians.

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