Police think Louis Vuitton heist may have been done by experienced criminals

Police believe a U-Haul truck was driven into the Easton Louis Vuitton store by people who made off with $150,000 of merchandise. (WSYX/WTTE)

Columbus Police are investigating a burglary at the Easton Shopping Center early Thursday morning, where they say suspects made off with $150,000 worth of merchandise.

“Driving a van through a front door is pretty brazen,” said Sgt. Dean Worthington, with Columbus Police, “going in and taking as much as they did, is even more brazen.”

A Columbus Police report states a U-Haul box truck drove through the Louis Vuitton store around 5:30 AM and ran off with dozens of purses, clothes and other items.

Authorities now investigating if an abandoned U-Haul found parked several hours after the thefts in a Plain City church parking lot is connected to the break-ins.

“My wife said, 'Gary, there’s a U-Haul truck in the back of the church.' I am like, 'By golly there is,'” said Gary Payne, with Living Waters Church Of God.

Payne says he found the banged up vehicle and immediately called police.

“I seen the door had been wrecked, glass inside,” said Payne.

Columbus Police confirm officers are reviewing surveillance video but are not releasing photos at the time, as they work with other law enforcement agencies to find the suspects.

“They certainly knew what they were doing,” said Worthington. ”They did it in a manner which suggests they’ve done it before.”

Payne wondering why crooks would dump their get-away car just feet from where people pray and worship.

“It doesn’t match up, something you might want to do behind a tavern, not a church,” said Payne.

Authorities now looking into the possibility the break-in could be linked to a similar unsolved theft at a Louis Vuitton store in downtown Chicago.

Anyone with information is asked to call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545

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