Police union to release more details on courthouse shooting that killed teen

Sixteen-year-old died Joseph Haynes from his injuries after being shot inside the Franklin County courthouse early Wednesday afternoon January 17, 2018. (Courtesy: Haynes family)

The police union representing the officer accused of shooting a 16-year-old in court said more details would emerge Thursday.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said the shooting happened after a hearing in juvenile court. Sixteen-year-old Joseph Haynes appeared in court for a hearing on a menacing charge involving a gun.

The sheriff said as the hearing was wrapping up, a scuffle began involving the teen's family and a Franklin County Sheriff's deputy. The deputy was knocked to the ground and "under attack" per investigators.

Haynes' grandmother was there as the events unfolded. She said the confrontation started between the teen's mother and the deputy.

"Joey went over grabbed him by his shoulders and the guy slung him around and slung Joey to the ground. And then he got on top of Joey," said Geraldine Haynes. ."And then Joey's hands were up in the air like that and the cop with his hand down by his side and the gun went off, he pulled the trigger on my grandson."

Court records revealed Joseph Haynes had a history with juvenile court. Previous charges include assault and carrying a concealed weapon. His grandmother said he was trying to get his life together.

The deputy was not seriously injured per the sheriff's office. His name has yet to be released.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow this developing story.

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