Pre-snow storm stock-up in full effect

    Some shoppers were already in stores Thursday, making sure to get supplies ahead of the weekend's expected snow storm. Stores expect Friday to be very busy (WSYX/WTTE)

    It may be one of the cliches of winter, but the pre-storm is stock-up is underway at Central Ohio stores. While grocery stores weren't packed Thursday and shelves were well-stocked, some customers were out shopping, and pointing to the onset of winter weather as the reason why.

    At the Target store in the Polaris area some shoppers were buying milk and bread, along with shovels and sleds. Stockers were working hard to keep shelves full of merchandise. Target management said they expected Friday to be a particularly busy day as multiple inches of snow is forecast.

    Shoppers said while they were getting items in preparation for the storm, they were keeping their heads and trying not to overblow the impact of the storm.

    “Not as bad as they say, I’m hoping," said Kelly Davirro. "I’m sure we’ll get a couple of inches of snow and some ice. Thankfully its coming on the weekend.”

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