Protest calls for answers in police-involved shooting

Henry Green

Family and friends of a Columbus man killed by police last week during a shootout in South Linden, now asking that an independent prosecutor take over the case.

The People's Justice Project demonstrated in front of The Franklin County Courthouse demanding justice for Henry Green, 23. Green was shot and killed during a confrontation with undercover officers.

"Thank you for being peaceful," said Adrienne Hood, Green's mother. "My son was peaceful."

Columbus Police said undercover officers came into contact with Green while on patrol for the Summer Safety Initiative.

Police said officers identified themselves and showed their badges and asked Green to drop his weapon. Officers said Green shot at them and they returned fire and killed him

"He was the best. He gave you a smile. They killed him recklessly," said Green's cousin, Scott Jenkins

The Justice Project Wednesday dropped off a letter to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien's Office demanding charges be filed against the two officers involved in the shooting and a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the case.

"We need non-partial eyes on the case," said Tammy Alsaad, from The People's Justice Project.

O'Brien said in a statement, "Until all interviews are done and other evidence collected, no final judgments should be made. All Police shootings are automatically presented to the grand jury."

Columbus Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call detectives at 614-645-4624.

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