School bus with more than a dozen students on board crashes into home

A bus crashed into a home northeast of downtown Wednesday morning October 31, 2018. (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - A Columbus City School bus driver is under investigation after she crashed into a home northeast of downtown Wednesday morning. It happened around 7 a.m. on North Monroe Avenue, just north of Atcheson Street.

Columbus Police said 15 students were on the bus, but no one was hurt. At least 3 parked cars were severely damaged before the bus crashed into a porch and stopped in between two homes.

The Columbus City School bus driver was identified as Rana Baker, and she was headed to Linden McKinley High School. The district said she’s been employed since September 2017.

ABC 6/FOX 28 viewer Ed Vargas shared this video on Facebook moments after the crash. The video showed students evacuating the bus after it came to a stop. Early reports show that a mechanical failure may be to blame. Neighbors said it was a miracle no one was hurt.

Ed Vargas lives just a few houses down from the crash, and he said he heard a loud boom as he was having his morning coffee. That’s when he ran outside to help.

“I start asking all the kids if they’re ok and thank God everybody was ok,” Vargas said after he captured the moments after the crash on his cell phone.

Surveillance video from his home shows the school bus start to slow down at the stop sign, but never come to a complete stop and then speed away. Seconds later the driver crashes into the several cars and into the home.

“I just heard a loud boom, the whole house shook and it shook me awake,” said Catherine Palmer. She lives inside the home where the bus crashed into on North Monroe Avenue.

Palmer lives at the home with her husband and 3 children. She said her 6-year old daughter’s bedroom is on the side where the school bus crashed.

“I was in shock and concerned if everyone was ok because we were ok but there were people on the bus,” Palmer stated.

CCS said all 15 students and the driver were ok. Linden McKinley High School was less than 4 miles away from the crash.

“No one was hurt, that’s most important. And the work of the driver what she was able to do to make sure no one was hurt,” said the Columbus City School spokesman Scott Varner.

Palmer is happy no one was hurt too but doesn’t feel safe living in her home anymore. The city even placed a danger sign on her porch and can’t open her front door.

She had this to say to the school bus driver, “The way I see it, it wasn’t her fault. It was an unfortunate incident. Maybe they should check their buses more often because if it was your brakes not working then somebody should’ve known that.”

Columbus Police cited the bus driver, Baker, with failure to control. The crash remains under investigation.


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