Security-wise, CPD says Pride weekend like any other citywide summer event


Despite an influx of thousands, a polarizing social issue, and a vist from the Vice-President, Columbus Police said they are treating this weekend like any other big, citywide summer event.

Vice-President Mike Pence will be at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus on Friday to tout the President's tax cuts. His views on gay rights are unpopular among the LGBTQ community so they have planned a unique protest event.

"We decided to have a dance party across the street from where he'll be speaking Friday," said Jay Smith, one of the organizers.

Smith said it will be peaceful and positive. "A sea of rainbow and dancing," he said and he expect there will be "just a positive and happy and loving energy."

Columbus Police said they will treat this weekend as they treat any other major event. Last year, infighting among advocacy groups led to a demonstration that briefly delayed the parade and led to the arrest of four people. Sgt. Dean Worthington said police will be ready if there is a similar disturbance this year.

"You deal with it pretty much the way we dealt with it last year," he said. "You have to take swift action because you don't know what their intentions are."

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