Single mom wins free car after her essay inspired the attorney responsible for giveaway

Marion single mother Jessica Coleman won attorney Joel Spitzer's essay contest for a free car that honors Spitzer's mother. (WSYX/WTTE)

A sweet surprise for a single mom in Marion. A car free and clear of payments.

Jessica Coleman relied on others to get where she needed to be including to help her ill mother.

Attorney Joel Spitzer removed that challenge from the equation.

Coleman submitted an essay to Spitzer's law firm along with more than 300 other single moms.

Each shared their story and why they needed a car so badly.

Coleman is a mother to a 5 year old boy and she also cares for her ill mother on top of work and school.

She was a true inspiration for Spitzer who handed over the keys in a surprise giveaway.

To Coleman's family, no one could be more deserving.

"Jessica good job," said her mom Mary Kay McDuffie.

Anticipation was building outside Coleman's job at Marion Matters.

"She's given Marion her all she's been a great mom," said McDuffie.

It was where her chariot awaits.

A 2001 Chevy Impala with 45,000 miles, new tires and brakes donated by Spitzer's law firm.

"I grew up with a single mom and that's kind of what motivates me the biggest road block was lack of transportation," said Spitzer.

Coleman had no idea she won his car giveaway until this day.

Spitzer's criteria was simple.

A single hard working mom with no drug use history.

Coleman fit the bill and then some.

"One of the biggest things she had zero complaints about life," said Spitzer.

Spitzer became Coleman's game changer.

"Hi I'm Joel your reaction was absolutely priceless," said Spitzer.

Her essay inspired Spitzer with words like " I knew I wanted to help people. I wanted to help other people like me."

She does that at Marion Matters where people in poverty are given tools to achieve a better life.

"this is not a gift from me to you it's a gift for your gift to keep on giving," said Spitzer.

Coleman struggles daily but writes "no matter my feelings each day I had to prevail for my son."

The hum of an engine where only the day before she heard her own footsteps.

"I call myself the most resourceful person without a car cause I can get you a ride but I might not be the one driving," said Coleman.

Coleman's own mother, diagnosed with congestive heart failure, will be a passenger for hospital visits.

"I've had trouble getting her or getting to her without waiting for a ride and stuff like that it just makes it a lot easier," said Coleman.

Helping people and chasing her dreams from her own driver's seat.

"I'm very lucky I'm very blessed because I know all those other moms are trying to," said Coleman.

Coleman also interns in probation at Marion Municipal Court.

She's also a student at Marion Tech but plans to attend OSU in January to study human and social services.

This is the 3rd free car giveaway for Spitzer. He looks for reliable cars in good shape for sale on Facebook and buys them to give to single moms.

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