Police say Stormy Daniels arrest was just one from several raids at clubs

    (Courtesy: Franklin County Sheriff_)

    Columbus police say the arrest of Stormy Daniels and two other strippers is part of a long-term investigation into allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, along with with other vice related violation, and attorney Jim Andrioff says there was nothing improper with the arrest.

    Andrioff represents a local adult establishment here in Columbus and several other across the state. He says when it comes to entertainers performing, he tells all of his clubs this:

    "The bottom line is they are not supposed to touch a patron and a patron is not supposed to touch an entertainer. And that's as simple as it get. If you abide by that rule you won't have any violations," Andrioff said.

    But that's not what happened at Sirens. Stormy Daniels and two other strippers were arrested for touching guests.

    "It's not uncommon, what people are making a big deal out of all of a sudden is it's Storm Daniels and this is a unique thing, it's not, this happens all of the time here in Columbus," said Andrioff.

    ABC 6/FOX 28 did some checking. Stormy Daniels was arrested for illegal sexually oriented activity in a business. Since 2008 when the Ohio law went into effect, that law has been applied 88 times in Franklin County. Within the last year, police have charged entertainers 25 times.

    Police say since last fall they've been conducting a series of investigations at local adult establishments.

    "I certainly don't believe this was a targeted event, it just happens to be the police are trying to get a message out to a number of the adult entertainment clubs here in town and really all over the state, but locally, I've seen the charges for a variety of establishments and they are all similar, " said Andrioff.

    Daniels was in Cleveland last month for a performance. The media relations director for the City of Cleveland says there was no trouble during her visit.

    Dan Williams says, "The city of Cleveland has not prosecuted anyone on the "No Touching" ordinance. "

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