No bull: Sussi on the "moove" to catch suspected meat thieves

Did you know there's a black market for meat?

When it comes to the $60 billion worth of merchandise stolen annually in shoplifting, meat ranks high on thieves' lists. As a result, retailers pass along those losses to you, the consumer.

Recently, Columbus City Attorney's Office contacted reached to ABC 6/FOX 28 to help expose the problem and track down four carnivorous crooks with outstanding warrants.

So, 6 On Your Side Investigator Tom Sussi went undercover, disguised as a cow, to track down these four suspects:

  • Richie Staley allegedly stole more than $300 worth of Angus whole tenderloin
  • Dale Fritz allegedly stole nearly $500 worth of steak
  • Sierra Malone allegedly stole $528 worth of Red Bull and meat
  • Rodney Hartley allegedly stole $118 worth of pork tenderloin and beef roasts
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