Troopers urge drivers to slow down in construction zones after high number of accidents

Troopers urge drivers to slow down and pay attention in construction zones after a high number of accidents (WSYX/WTTE)

According to the Ohio Highway Patrol nearly 1,500 people have been hurt in construction zones and more than a dozen have been killed across the state in 2018. Friday morning, another woman was sadly added to that list when a 24-year-old construction worker was killed on US-33.

Troopers said most of these accidents are preventable, everyone deserves to go home safely and that speed isn't the only thing that plays a role in crashes. Many times, distracted drivers cause fatal accidents.

"It makes it more dangerous, and you may face increased penalties if you leave the scene of that accident,” said Sergeant Geoff Freeman with the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Troopers said out of the 1,488 people have been hurt in car crashes in work zones across Ohio, 269 of them occurred in Central Ohio. In the last two years, 32 people have been killed across the state including, a construction worker on I-70 East near Hilliard-Rome Road.

We spoke with the worker's widow in 2017.

"He always said it's dangerous because it used to be back in the day people would respect workers on the road,” said Linda Grace-Cook. "I didn't get to say goodbye, we didn't have a clue it was that bad."

Sergeant Geoff Freeman with OSP said that's why we have the Move Over Law. Even though it only applies to emergency vehicles out on the roads, Sgt. Freeman said it's always best to move over if you can, for construction workers too.

"Everyone wants to get home safe to their loved ones and the best way to do that is (for) people that are driving to slow down, pay attention to what they're doing, and focus on driving to get to where they need to get,” said Sgt. Freeman.


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