Former water park hotel turns to ice tower after pipes burst

The former Fort Rapids building had waterfalls of ice on a couple sides of the building after pipes burst (WSYX/WTTE)

A burst pipe led to a waterfall of ice down the side of a 12-story vacant building that used to house the hotel for the former Fort Rapids water park in East Columbus.

The building was soaked and coated with ice on both sides. It's not clear how that will affect the future of the embattled facility.

Fort Rapids closed in 2016 and was sold in March, 2017. A real estate manager on site today said the new owner intends to renovate, but wouldn't shed light on the owner's plans.

Steve Stace is a former employee of Fort Rapids and said he was in charge of maintnence there until 2014. Stace said he hopes the buildilng can be used again.

"Do something with it, its too nice of a place," he said. "They've got a lot of money tied up in it."

The original owners poured millions into the facility but sold it for $5million in 2010. Owners got just $2.5 million in last year's sale.

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