With More Scammers Using Online Dating Sites, More Women are Using Investigators

COLUMBUS (Tara Morgan) -- More women are turning to private investigators for peace of mind when searching for love online.A Texas woman connected to a Westerville fraud case met a man through a Christian-based dating web site. She says she maxed out two credit cards to the tune of $50,000 thinking he needed the money, but was really being scammed."There was one thing after another where he needed this money, he got robbed, he lost his phone, this went on for months," said the woman who asked to remain anonymous.One private investigator says more women are turning to his company for background checks on people they've met online.Garry Proper with Confidential Services can check for everything from bankruptcies to a criminal history. "There are some people that they want this relationship so bad they blind themselves to the fact that there's something wrong here," said Proper.Proper says a red flag should go up when they continue to make excuses about not being able to see you.In just the last 12 months, the Ohio Attorney General's office has received more than 40 complaints about sweetheart scams.The Texas woman says her credit is ruined and so is her trust in the internet.

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