A California family's warning; Samsung washing machine explosion

Front image of Samsung top load washer after explosion. (Courtesy of Gabriel Ortega)

A family in Fresno, Calif., is now in utter disbelief after its washer suddenly exploded mid-wash. The force of a blast sent stuff flying and damaged pretty much everything around it.

Gabriel Ortega was at home when he says it happened without warning, Saturday afternoon. He says he heard a loud noise and could hardly believe what he was about to see.

“It sounded exactly like an explosion. I thought a car was coming into the house. It freaked us all out,” said Ortega

Ortega said pieces of metal from the washer were sent crashing into the wall. He says impact from the blast caused the washer to dent the dryer next to it. He’s now thankful none of his family members were close by when it blew up.

“Metal and plastic had flown across the room. If anyone was in there they could’ve gotten seriously hurt,” said Ortega.

Gabriel’s stepfather, Mark Salcido bought the Samsung top load washer machine about two years ago. He says he called them about the problem. After searching online he saw that the same thing happened to other people. He also found out the washer was recalled by Samsung.

“They said they sent out notices. I told them I never received one,” said Salcido.

Salcido says the company said it is willing to pay for a new washer and replace the dryer. Despite the company’s reimbursement efforts, the family says its lost all trust in the product.

“I never thought you could do a simple load of laundry and there could be a possible chance of serious injury,” said Ortega.

To check items recalled by Samsung. Call Samsung at 866-264-5636 or visit Samsung’s website for information.

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