Confidence in vote counting takes a dive

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    WASHINGTON (SBG) - Many of those heated elections across the country, are now over. But the tempers are still flaring. In some cases, getting even hotter. Perhaps nowhere more than in Florida, where recounts in the governor’s and a senate race, are underway.

    Florida’s Secretary of State says there’s been no evidence of criminal activity, there’s intense skepticism over the pending results.

    Some argue, it’s been sparked by those including the president who’ve cast doubt on the state’s ability to count the votes, correctly.

    “Every vote needs to be counted, but at the same time we can't allow people to be stealing votes,” claimed Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., added, “The problem is with the incompetence and the mischief in Broward county.”

    Democrats meanwhile, like Rep. Ted Deutch, D- Fla., are trying to debunk what they say is a goal to: “...ultimately undermine people's faith in our democracy. That's the wrong approach. It's a dangerous approach.”

    Either way, a recent survey shows growing distrust in the system, the machines and those managing results.

    A poll shows only 35 percent of voters were ‘very confident’ in the ballot counting before the campaign. That’s just 21 percent now

    Overall, more republicans have some confidence in the process: 70 percent, compared to 63 percent of democrats.

    “It’s kind of sad to see that something that should be so basic, we just kind of can’t get right,” said Marcus Powers, a Georgia voter.

    Katie Bandoly, another Georgia voter said, “It’s frustrating it’s stressful you know you want it t to be clear cut at the end of the day at the same time i think it’s good that everyone is questioning.”

    It’s a worry based for some, in flashbacks.

    The Florida recount of 2000 helping decide if George W. Bush or Al Gore would be president, introduced the world to ‘hanging chads’ and butterfly ballots. The system has drastically improved but critics say, clearly not enough.

    The renewed fights have now prompted a judge ruling in these legal challenges to advise both sides, “ramp down the rhetoric.”

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