Effingham baby is first anencephalic baby to donate organs to research in South Carolina

On august 23rd  Emersyn Lynn Rogers was born (WPDE)

An Effingham couple gave birth to a baby girl last week. A terminal condition called anencephaly caused her to die soon after birth, but thanks to a special device, the entire family was able to have bonding time with her for several days.

The family sat down with ABC 15 to talk about how much the little girl did in her short life.

"She was special and in her 71 minutes she did what some people couldn't in 71 years," Brandi Rogers, Emersyn's mom, said.

On August 23rd at 9:52a.m. Emersyn Lynn Rogers was born.

"They immediately put her on my chest and she stayed on my chest for the entire 71 minutes that she lived," Rogers said.

In those 71 minutes, she touched her family's life and now her family hopes she touches so many more lives.

"She was the first child to use a Cuddle Cot at McLeod. We got to donate it and her name to McLeod. She was the first baby in South Carolina to donate her organs for research" Rogers said.

Emersyn's liver and lungs were donated to research.

Brandi, Michael, and Emersyn's siblings got to spend 4 days with her thanks to a cuddle cot.

"A Cuddle Cot is a cooling device that is used inside a Moses basket to keep the baby to temperature so that the parents can keep them up to three days," Robin Hicken, of Meagan & Austin's Continued Journey, said.

Meagan and Austin's continued journey is a non-profit that donates cuddle cots to hospitals around North and South Carolinas.

Two of those devices will be donated in Emersyn's name to help families like the Rogers.

"They don't get to leave the hospital with my little memories they get to have the same amount of memories that we do," Rogers said.

"Everything that we wanted as far as from her birth and leaving a legacy, everything happened exactly the way we wanted it, so we wouldn't have done it any other way," Michael Rogers, Emersyn's dad said.

"We're just so proud of her," Brandi Rogers said.

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