Dog left in hot vehicle at Alabama Walmart dies despite efforts to save her

    With temperatures hitting 90 degrees, dog found barely alive in hot vehicle

    Shoppers at a Walmart in Trussville, Ala. watched in horror as a dog locked in a hot car slowly died. Stacy Guthrie posted the ordeal on Facebook Live as bystanders tried to open the car around noon.

    Temperatures outside topped 90 degrees with the temperatures inside the car much hotter. There was no shade. The windows were shut. The adult dog inside was discovered barely breathing. The owner was nowhere in sight.

    Some on the scene and posting on Facebook were critical that Trussville Police officers did not immediately rescue the dog when they arrived. Lt. Phil Dillon says their policy is to try and locate the owner first. Several announcements were made inside the Walmart over the loud speakers.

    After no response, the vehicle window was broken out. Water and ice to try and cool the dog were not enough to save the animal. Lt. Dillon says surveillance video shows the vehicle owner went in the store at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning. It was seven hours later, before the dog was discovered and police called.

    Investigators tell ABC3340 News the woman offered no explanation as to why she was in the store for so long, or why she chose to leave her dog locked in the car. She was not an employee of the store.

    Lt. Dillon says charges will be filed against the owner within a few days. The Humane Society has taken custody of the dog's body.

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