Local expert on US-Korea relations reacts to cancelled summit with Kim Jung Un

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- An Ohio State professor and expert on relations between the US and Korea is not surprised President Donald Trump cancelled a planned summit with the country's leader Kim Jung Un.

President Trump made the announcement Thursday morning. The summit was viewed as a step toward progress in getting North Korea to denuclearize.

Ohio State professor Mitch Lerner said news of the cancelled doesn't surprise him.

"Reality is this all came to fruition way too fast. If you're going to have a good diplomatic summit you have to do all sorts of leg work they didn't do," explained Lerner.

The professor said he doubts North Korea would denuclearize and said if they did it would part of a long process in which the United States would have to make sacrifices.

Lerner said North Korea and the relationship with the United States is important for Americans.

"This is an area of incredible economic and political dynamism and the United States really needs to have some influence there if it's going to remain preeminent in the world."

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