Middle schooler reportedly attacked by another student in Southwest San Antonio


SAN ANTONIO - An eighth-grader at Judith Resnik Middle School suffered a black eye, cuts and a possible broken nose after an incident outside of the school.

"I just remember seeing my son on the floor full of blood," said Michael Ayala's mother, Valerie Guzman.

Guzman was waiting outside of the school for her son to get out of class when she spotted a crowd of students. She then realized her 15-year-old was in the middle of them on the ground.

"I was waiting for my son in the truck and I was wondering why it was taking him so long and I seen this big crowd. I looked on the floor and my son was covered in blood. He blanked out. He was knocked out," said Guzman.

Ayala had been punched by another student in what he claims was a planned attack.

Southwest Independent School District released a statement saying two students engaged in a "mutual altercation" that was broken up by a Southwest ISD officer. The statement goes on to say, "Due to FERPA, we cannot disclose disciplinary actions taken against the students, but we can say both parties did comply with the officer's directives."

Ayala claims the other student told him he was going to beat him up after school. Ayala said he tried to get help from a school coach but was unsuccessful.

"I said hey sir, can you please look out for the student that's bullying me. He said yeah, I got you," said Ayala.

Ayala says he does not know why the student hit him. Regardless of the motive, his mother says the incident was traumatizing to the student who now plans on transferring schools.

"Now my son fears for his life, to go to school, he had bad anxiety and depression and it's taken a toll on him. It's really bad," said Guzman.

The school was not able to further comment on the incident details. Their statement also states, "We are continuing to investigate the incident. We take student safety very seriously and monitor bullying and harassment reports as soon as we receive them."

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