Red Cross volunteer returns home after son murdered in east Columbus

Roberto Marshall was shot to death in an apartment parking lot complex on Stone Ridge Drive. (Courtesy: Marshall Family)

A Red Cross volunteer returned home to find his son dead. He was gunned down in east Columbus late Saturday night while walking home from work.

"I have no clue, I have no idea why young people kill each other for no reason," said La Mona Marshall, as she looked at photos of her son Roberto, who was shot to death in an apartment parking lot complex on Stone Ridge Drive.

"I just don't understand, because he was a friend to everybody," said Marshall.

"You can try and better yourself every day," said Lavonna Marshall, Marshall's sister, "you never know it's your last day."

When Marshall was shot by an assailant, his mother was 1,000 miles away working as a Red Cross Volunteer helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"You can sympathize with people, with what they are going through, "said Marshall, “when they lose everything, you lose a loved one, I never expected to feel that, I keep expecting him to walk through the door."

Marshall tells ABC 6/FOX 28, minutes after learning her son had been murdered, her Red Cross family in Houston, went into action.

"Before I even got back into the hotel, they were there waiting for me, booking a flight," said Marshall.

Roberto followed in his mom's footsteps helping others.

"He registered people to vote, was an original member of "Voices of The Unheard', a program that targets youths who have trouble staying in school and impacted by the justice system. Marshall also worked to get a truancy bill passed last year in Ohio that offered alternatives to kids who skipped school.

"Made it so when kids got out of school, they got a good education and stayed off the streets and violence," said Shakeya Locke, Marshall's sister.

Columbus Police now tracking leads to find Marshall's killer. Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at (614) 645-4545

A GoFundme account has been created to help family members pay for Marshall's burial.

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