Checklist: What to consider before taking prescribed opioids


It's been the "go-to" drug for pain relief for years.

Doctors prescribing opioids to help patients cope. Now doctors are saying that for some, opioids can lead down a very dark path.

"We know it can be fatal, " said Doctor Brad Lander with the Department of Addiction Medicine at Ohio State.

He's worked with patients dealing with opioid abuse for the past 34 years.

Lander says anyone can become addicted to opioids - but the addiction happens sooner for some than others.

"50 percent is based on genetics. We have an innate way our brains are wired to addiction, " said Doctor Lander. "But that's only part of it. Another part has to do with age. We're more vulnerable between the ages of 13 and 26. And then again as we become older."

Along with age - Doctor Lander says other risk factors associated with addiction include: Long periods of chronic stress, a family history of depression or anxiety and family history of addiction.

Bottom line before getting an opiate prescription from your doctor - Doctor Lander's says you have to be your own advocate.

Talk to your doctor and ask questions.

"Some people have a strong resistance to it and others don't and are very vulnerable, " Lander's said.

Here's a checklist that you can bring with you to your doctor's office to help you be informed before taking opioids.

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