Boca Raton man wants stolen comic books worth more than $1M returned

    Boca Raton man wants stolen comic books worth more than $1M returned (WPEC)

    Collecting comic books has been a lifelong adventure for Randy Lawrence.

    “My dad kind of started me off," he said. "I think it was his way of getting me to read."

    Over the past 50 years, his love for comic books has grown, as has his collection -- that is until recently, when he stopped by his storage unit.

    “I walked in the room and just something was not right,” Lawrence said.

    He said more than $1 million of his comics were gone.

    “I panicked and I started ripping off the tops of all my boxes and, needless to say, I got very emotional and very upset because they were all gone,” Lawrence said.

    A break in the case quickly came after police in Arizona said Philipp Wiesbauer, of Royal Palm Beach, tried selling four of the stolen books at a comic shop in Arizona.

    “The minute he walked in that store the owner knew they were my books,” Lawrence said.

    Police arrested Wiesbauer, but 445 of Lawrence’s books are still out there.

    Lawrence has this message for Wiesbauer’s family.

    “Get him to give up who has these books so I can help him. I know I can help him here in Florid, and I’d be willing and happy to do what I can do in Arizona to lighten his load, but I can’t do that unless I recover all my merchandise,” he said.

    It’s merchandise he’s relying on for his future.

    “It’s my nest egg," Lawrence said. "It’s my life. I’ve been saving and doing this for 40 years. To get to where I’m almost at and now to have it taken away from me in this manner is devastating."

    Lawrence told police the wire on the ceiling of his unit was cut and the locks weren’t tampered with.

    If you have any information, call Sgt. Mike Tramonte at 561-687-6522.

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