Columbus couple weds on national TV on New Year's Eve

Dominic Mendiola and Monica Moran ended up getting married live on national TV after CNN showed up at the wedding chapel as part of their New Year's Eve special (WSYX/WTTE)

Dominic Mendiola and Monica Moran planned a quick wedding with a few friends for New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. What they didn't plan on was having a CNN crew air their exchange of vows on live national television.

"We had always said if we were going to get married it was going to be in Vegas," Moran said. "If we're going to go to Vegas we're going to have an Elvis impersonator do it."

The couple were married at an Elvis impersonator chapel but neither of them are big fans.

"Not super fans but I mean as far as Las Vegas goes, if you're there, you got to get married by Elvis," Mendiola said.

The couple said CNN called the chapel asking if they could check out a wedding on New Year's Eve. The chapel called them to make sure it was okay. They were already exchanging vows when CNN came in, live on the air.

"Then Elvis turned to us and said, 'it's time for our Elvis vows' which we had never heard before at all," Moran said. "We kind of improv'ed on the spot there not knowing those vows but it was fun. We had a good time."

The Elvis impersonator asked both of them to recite Elvis-themed vows.

"I was just trying to have fun with it," Mendiola said. "They weren't bad vows overall. They were goofy but ultimately I love her."

The two of them returned to Columbus Tuesday evening and have seen the clip that aired live.

"We've gone back and looked at it and thought, 'wow those are some silly vows. We can't believe we did that,'" Moran said.

Their wedding story turned into more of an adventure than they expected Las Vegas could give them. Mendiola said their epic story started even before the CNN crew showed up when they showed up to the wrong Elvis impersonator chapel to get married.

"It was an adventure. It's a great story I can tell about what happened at my wedding," Mendiola said.

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