Ohio woman transforms 315-pound Kanye West pumpkin for the holidays

An Ohio woman is wishing YE a Merry Christmas! (Courtesy: Paras Pumpkins)

DUBLIN, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) An Ohio woman is wishing YE a Merry Christmas!

Jeanette Paras, of Dublin, Ohio, is known for transforming pumpkins into celebrities, and now her Kanye West pumpkin got a holiday makeover. In the photo, you can see Kanye the pumpkin is wearing a "Make Pumpkins Great Again" Santa hat.

“YE has been in the headlines lately and, whether you agree with him or not, he’s the topic of conversation. That’s what it takes to get ‘pumpkinized’ and land on my porch,” said Paras. “There was any number of people who could’ve made it this year. I decided on YE.”

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Paras said her celebrity pumpkins typically range from 200 to 400 pounds, but she's worked on pumpkins as large as 1,200 pounds. Her other creations include Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

“When I crack up because of one of my giant celebrity pumpkins, that’s when I know I’ve picked the right guy or gal. It’s so much fun to do this every year. I love the reactions I get from my neighbors and people who stop by,” added Paras. “They come by to take pictures and now even the media is caught up in the suspense of who gets ‘pumpkinized.’ Everyone loves giant celebrity pumpkins!”

For more information, visit Paras Pumpkins website.

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