Teens playing basketball stop to take a knee during funeral procession

A group of boys who were playing a pickup game are being praised after two sisters snapped a photo of the teens kneeling during a funeral procession. (CNN Newsource)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WTTE) - A photo of a group of teens who were playing a game of basketball over the weekend is going viral.

WAFB said sisters Lynn Bienvenu and Johannah Stroud were attending their cousin Velma Kay Crowe's funeral on Friday when they noticed the teens kneeling on the basketball court, and quickly snapped a photos of the boys.

The sisters say the boys stopped their game and dropped to their knees to support the family who had lost a loved one.

"They took a knee not out of disrespect but honor. They was not an adult insight to tell them to stop playing," Bienvenu said after posting the photo on Facebook.

The comments have been endless, with thousands embracing the positivity and pouring out a stream of kind words for the boys in the photo.

"People are hungry to see good things and encouraging things," Stroud said.

As for the young men, they've since reached out to the family to express condolences for their loss and letting them know it was their basketball coach who taught them the importance of taking a knee as a sign of respect.

Stroud now hoped it can serve as a reminder that the biggest impact can often start with the smallest gestures.

"It was very moving, very touching, I'll never forget it," Stroud said.

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