Wildlife rehabilitator nurses "smallest deer ever" back to health

Nancy Whisenant is nursing a tiny fawn back to health. (WBTV/CNN Newsource)

MORGANTON, N.C. (WKRC) - Nancy Whisenant has been rehabilitating wild animals back to health for 25 years.

She's the self-proclaimed "bunny whisperer" and has raised 80 bunnies just this year. However, her newest project is a bit more unique, according to WBTV.

Last week, Whisenant received a call from Asheville Wildlife Resource Officers stating that a fawn needed care. She's nursed plenty of fawns back to health before, but this one is rare because of its size.

Weighing in at less than three pounds, this is the smallest newborn deer she's ever seen. Most are in the six-pound range.

In the week the fawn has been with Whisenant, it's gone from thin and full of maggots to eating and thriving.

It's unknown what happened to the baby deer's mom.

While this is the busiest time of year for cases like this, Whisenant was quick to point out that caring for a wild animal is illegal if you're not licensed in wildlife rehabilitation.

"If they catch you, you will be fined," she said.

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