Ohio GOP delegates ready for Trump to accept

The Ohio delegation at the Republican National Convention is set for Donald Trump to accept the party's nomination for President. (WSYX/WTTE)

All eyes will be on Donald Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday evening.

Trump is expected to officially accept the party's nomination for president.

Some Ohio delegates said the general election kicks off with Trump's speech.

"For many Americans, this will be the first time they hear him at length," said Rep. Niraj Antari from the Dayton area.

Trump supporters want the rest of the party to unite.

"(Ted Cruz) got booed out of the arena (for not endorsing Trump)," said Ken Jones, an honorary delegate who is supporting Trump after supporting John Kasich during the primary. "That should show everybody that the party is united."

There are still some delegates who want to see a different side of Trump.

"He might say, 'Look, I'm not a politician, sometimes blunter than I should. Sometimes I hurt people when I don't intend to hurt people,'" said Attorney General Mike DeWine, another Ohio delegate. "Not necessarily an apology, but an acknowledgement that we all make mistakes."

Many Republicans have said they want to hear a more positive message.

"This is not the time to attack other people," Antari said. "There will be more time to do that but what Americans need to hear is his positive message for the country, his conservative ideals and what he plans to do as president."

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