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Why Are Ads Following Me Around the Internet?

Retargeting ads can be surprising for consumers at first, but if you’re a business owner, they could be a smart tactic to add to your marketing plan.

Do you ever visit a website then start to see ads for their products or services absolutely everywhere? It might be a little unsettling at first, but this “retargeting” is a great marketing tactic. Compulse Integrated Marketing’s Digital Search Specialist Matthew Chessare explains how it works:

1.You visit a site that has a tracking pixel

When you visit a website, there is a tracking pixel on the page you land on. This pixel is a small snippet of code that, instead of being called up from the website like the rest of the content you see, is served by an ad server.

2.You get cookied

When this tracking code is served up, it is served to your unique device. If the ad server doesn’t have a record of your device, it assigns it a unique ID.

This is achieved through a cookie: a piece of code that the server uses to put information on your browser then retrieve that information later. In this case, the information is that ID.

3.You go about your business and get served

You visit another site in that ad server’s network, and the ad server receives an ad display request that is now associated with your ID. The ad server recognizes your ID and knows about the other website you visited, so it serves up ads that promote the products and services sold on those websites.

For marketers, retargeting is powerful because it allows them to keep their products top of mind for those who have already indicated interest by visiting their website. If you’re a business owner, it could be a smart tactic to add to your marketing initiatives.

When you run a retargeting campaign, you can specify how long after the site visit you want the ad to appear for the person who visited your site as well as the frequency at which you want it displayed. For instance, you can show the ad to that person only five times a day, and only for 30 days. If the person doesn’t visit your site again within that window, you’ll no longer pay to serve ads to them.

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