Former Clipper, Yankees great Bernie Williams brings new message to Huntington Park


COLUMBUS -- Former Clippers and New York Yankees great Bernie Williams is on a mission and he brought it to Huntington Park on Sunday.

IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) is a rare lung disease that is often misdiagnosed and affects up to 132,000 Americans. Four-time World Series champion, Yankees legend, and Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams lost his father to this devastating disease. He is teaming up with Breathless™ to bring hope and awareness to all those facing IPF.

Williams told ABC-6 Sunday IPF mimics other pulmonary disorders so check with your doctor if you have those kind of symptoms.

The 49-year old former outfielder also discussed his early days as a Clipper and playing at Cooper Stadium for the better part of three seasons. "I still remember the jingle of Columbus Clippers ring your bell."

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