The Football Fever: Jay Richardson's Foundation sponsors Teen Summit


COLUMBUS -- This year's theme is "I'm Possible" and you will be on "Team Possible" as you develop a personal plan for your success.

Richardson, a Football Fever analyst at ABC-6, says in the process the teens might have that ah-ha moment. "That happened for me as a junior at Ohio State when I discovered I could be good at football," Richardson told ABC-6. "I knew I liked the game and tried kinda hard at it but Coach Heacock told me I could be a pro. He said you have to decide."

The Teen Summit is a three-day summer institute for high school students who are serious about creating a personal plan for their success in high school and beyond. The final day of the institute provides parents with tools to partner with their children and create their own Team Family blueprint.

The Summit is interactive and high energy. Our special guest, Jay Barnett, Author of "Hello King, Claim Your Throne" and "Letters to a Young Queen" will conduct a workshop on creating relationships that work. Dr. Ed Hubbard will teach our youths how to create a personal vision for success.

Area professionals will share tips at the Career Expo. Students will learn the art of face-to-face communication, proper use of social media, how to decipher messages in the music they listen to, and so much MORE!

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