Training partners now opponents as Logan Stieber meets Joey McKenna for World Team spot


COLUMBUS -- Joey McKenna and Logan Stieber, freestyle training partners, are facing off in an all-Buckeye battle on June 16 for Team USA’s 65-kg slot at the 2018 World Wrestling Championships in Hungary .

Both the rising senior (McKenna) and alum (Stieber) were open about their desire to win the match but the outcome would not change their friendship. Both said they've relied on the other to get better during the run up to this match which is Saturday June 16th in State College, PA.

McKenna is a transfer from Stanford with considerable Buckeye accomplishments and though he's wrestling internationally he has not done so on the senior level until now. He's five years younger than the 27-year old Stieber but hardly considered a kid given his resume. "I always knew that we might meet sooner or later like this but,' said McKenna. "I wanted to come here and train here because of his talent and others."

Stieber says there won't be any trash talk. "Honestly, if I couldn't win I would want him to win."

Ohio State hosts the Ohio Regional Training Center that has fostered many a national elite wrestler.

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