City of Columbus buzzing over Ohio State Basketball's recent success

Buckeye fans have been buzzing after the men's basketball team upset Purdue Wednesday night.

Buckeye fans have been buzzing after the men's basketball team upset Purdue Wednesday night.

Nearly no one expected The Ohio State Men's Basketball team to be in first place in the Big Ten with only five games to go.

People started going to the Schott Thursday morning to buy tickets for their next game.

“As a family, we wanted to go to a game and when we watched last night’s game we were like, ‘we gotta go’," said Susan McCarty who was one of the first people to buy tickets Thursday.

Team officials said attendance is up this year during the first season under new Head Coach Chris Holtmann. The team's success has the diehard fans beaming.

"We’ve been talking about it ever since last night," said Magee Sprague, a third-year student who is part of the student section The Nuthouse. "Everybody is so excited. All everybody on this campus can think about right now is Ohio State basketball.”

Sprague echoed the sentiment of many fans. She said the program was back to its former glory.

“We’ve had a few down years but overall it’s a great program," she said. "I think this is back being who we really truly are.”

On local sports talk radio, the team has become a popular topic. Matt McCoy, host of "Jackson and McCoy" on 105.7 The Zone said the number of callers he's getting to talk hoops showed the team captured the imagination of Columbus.

"You’re starting to see fans really get behind this team," McCoy said. "They love an underdog. This team is an underdog story. They were picked 12thin the Big Ten and now they have a chance to win the whole darn thing with five games to go.”

The Buckeyes only have two home games left including one this weekend. Neither of the games is sold out according to team officials but they said there could be near-capacity crowds at both games.

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