Ohio's top collegiate equestrian riders are leaving the Buckeye State


COLUMBUS -- Just 20 minutes west down 1-70 you'll run into the AK Show Horses in West Jefferson. You'll find a lot of horses and talented riders on the farm.

Canal Wichester's Bridgett White and Dublin's Caroline Gute train in the summer there far away from their collegiate home at the University of South Carolina. The Gamecocks have seven Ohioan's on their roster.

Ohio has no schools that treat equestrian, either English or Western, as a varsity sport. Several schools have club teams, including Ohio State and Ohio University.

"Ohio is such a competitive place for riders," said White, who will be a junior at USC this fall. In fact, when asked if she would be riding for Ohio State if they offered scholarships, she said, "I don't know. I like South Carolina. I love being down South, I really do."

White was recruited to the school after being discovered at a prestigious horse show in Oklahoma.

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