The Football Fever: Meyer likes new mix of offensive coaches Wilson, Day


COLUMBUS -- Urban Meyer overhauled the braintrust of his offensive team with the hires of Kevin Wilson as offensive coordinator and Ryan Day as quarterbacks coach. So far, so good.

Wilson put up yards and points at Miami of Ohio, Northwestern, Oklahoma and Indiana where he was the head coach for six seasons.

Day was the QB's coach of the San Francisco 49ers of late, working with Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert in 2016 with the 49ers and he helped Sam Bradford to a record-setting 2015 season with the Eagles as he completed 65 percent of his passes -- an Eagles single-season record -- and threw for 3,725 yards. Both figures were career highs at the time for Bradford.

"What we do is never going to be a dictatorship," Meyer told ABC-6. "What we want is a team and team guys and those coaches are working so well."

The Buckeyes return to the practice field Monday.

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