Lu Ann StoiaReporter

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"No news is NOT good news," is a favorite saying of WSYX TV general assignment reporter Lu Ann Stoia.

An Emmy Award winning journalist, Lu Ann has been in the communications business for more than 35 years, and has considerable experience in television and radio.

Lu Ann has a relentless desire to pursue the truth, and a proven track record as a hard-working journalist who goes looking for news stories and investigations that have an impact on our lives. Lu Ann has covered everything from politics, to prison riots, to psychics.

Lu Ann was born in Columbus, attended Granville schools, and graduated with a journalism degree from Ohio University. After having had the opportunity to work in other cities across the nation, Lu Ann knows that Central Ohio is a special place to work, raise a family, and enjoy life.

Lu Ann is married to Stephen Gammill. They have two children in college, Jimmy and Jessie Gammill.

Lu Ann has a heart for volunteering and is active in the community. She has served on the Board at Stowe Mission. Lu Ann is a member of Girls with Gears and plans to ride her bicycle in Pelotonia again this year. At the risk of sounding nerdy, Lu Ann admits she loves her book club. Lu Ann is a member of 5:14 Church in New Albany.