Rachael PentonMeteorologist

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Rachael Penton joined the First Warning weather team as a meteorologist and reporter in October 2017.

Before moving to the Midwest, Rachael spent time working at KTVA in Anchorage. Alaska's diverse landscape gave Rachael the chance to forecast winter storms and extreme cold throughout the largest state in the country. She even had the chance to cover the aurora borealis, earthquakes, and active volcanoes on a regular basis!

Rachael is no stranger to warm weather though. Before working in Alaska she spent several years at stations in Alexandria and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Rachael covered severe and tropical weather in the state, including a tornado outbreak on Christmas day 2012 and Hurricane Isaac - plus lots of hot, humid days.

A graduate of the meteorology program at the University of South Alabama, Rachael grew up in Mobile, Alabama. She also holds a master’s degree in geoscience from Mississippi State University and has been designated a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society.

When she's not forecasting the weather or out covering stories Rachael loves exploring anywhere and everywhere. She’s climbed mountains and glaciers in Alaska, swam in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, hiked to an erupting volcano in Hawaii, and biked the city streets of Amsterdam. She's looking forward to many more adventures throughout Ohio and the rest of the Midwest.